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Aug 4
Americans For Homeopathy Choice: Championing Homeopathy through Advocacy   The past few years have been very busy for homeopathy. With the emergence of our current global situation and the rise of homeopathic help-lines like, more and more people are discovering homeopathy and using it for themselves and their families. As its popularity grows, homeopathy also faces new roadblocks, especially the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Draft Guidance first released in December of 2017. This Draft Guidance gave the FDA the power to withdraw any homeopathic...
Jul 15
Wegmans Receives AAHP Integrative Medicine Award MILWAUKIE, Ore., July 11, 2019 —The American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) has awarded Wegmans Food Markets with the Integrative Medicine Award. This honor recognizes a retailer that promotes and sells products that encompass a broad range of therapeutic approaches to achieve optimal health and wellness for consumers seeking to participate actively in their healthcare. The award was presented during the opening reception of AAHP’s Summit on Challenges and Solutions in Quality & Safety of Homeopathic Drug Products, June...
Sep 12
Dear Family and Friends, I am starting Week 7 of my 10 weeks stay in Tanzania and the time is flying by.  The two-week safari with my dear friends from home was fantastic. We had so many close encounters with animals-elephants nursing their babies, cheetahs atop a termite mound, lions perched on high cliffs overlooking the plains in Simba mode, a large troop of baboons with their babies, a leopard surveying the bush for prey and then walking right in front of our vehicle displaying its beauty and grace. So many other sightings of animals and birds thanks to our excellent and...