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A Costa Rican Adventure

February 10, 2014

On a calculated whim, I moved with my family to Costa Rica for a year, to broaden our horizons and to practice homeopathy in a supportive environment. It’s been a tremendous experience so far and is wholly different experience practicing here versus practicing in the US.

For example, we first arrived to the country during the midst of an ongoing dengue fever scare with infection rates that had increased greatly since the previous year. So almost immediately I gave a talk on homeopathic prevention and treatment for dengue to a local yoga class. This talk included a wide variety of information that I didn’t usually address in my practice in the US, such as staphysagria in x potency to prevent mosquito bites, using eupatorium and nosodes as a preventative, and managing acute phases of the illness. After the rainy season passed and dengue subsided, I met with the owner of a local wellness center and within 5 minutes we decided to collaborate. Since then, I have given several talks on homeopathy at the center, always meeting with a high level of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Meanwhile, I offered to treat all of the teachers at my kid's school for free, knowing that they were important leaders in the small community. I also treated some parents who were active leaders in the school community here.

With many early successes, these parents have helped spread the word about homeopathy in this small community.  

So far, I’ve seen very positive results, including:

  • An 11 year old boy who cursed and yelled at the dentist due to past painful dental problems, but after taking aconite, fell asleep on the way to the dentist and then sailed through his appointment to the amazement of his mother - even with a failed dental apparatus hanging out of his mouth!
  • A mother, one of my homeopathy students, is learning about sulphur, which seems the perfect complementary remedy for both her son and husband.
  • My son's friend had a bad head injury last year then hit her head again while surfing, resulting in dizziness. A few doses of nat sulph and no more dizziness!
  • I see a phosphorous 5th grader who loves taking her remedy for fevers because it always helps her and makes her feel better, as well as her calc carb big brother who has experienced mental, physical, and social improvements. Teachers and coaches, who don't know about the teen's use of homeopathy, have praised the changes they’ve seen in this boy.  

These cases have been easy ones - straight forward with splendid results. The community here is small, so I am able to talk to and observe the clients I have treated regularly, which makes practicing very satisfying.

I haven't yet figured out why I have witnessed such strong, textbook results in this communtiy. Is this where I am meant to practice? Is it the tranquil lifestyle here? Or, is the baseline health here higher due the culture and environment: less use of allopathic medicines; less pollution; lots of vitamin D and detoxifying sweating from the heat and sunshine; local non-GMO food; less pollution; and hard drinking water with minerals?

Because Costa Rica is diverse and known for its open-minded, international group of ex-pats, it has been an ideal place to start practicing. I see clients at the local wellness center, at my home or client's homes, as well as sitting on the beach or in restaurants. I have met with a local non-profit, and hope to offer my services to locals here, though first need to find a partner as my Spanish is far from perfect. Perhaps more importantly, I try to help locals to connect with their own native healing practices, suggesting that they ask the grandmothers, find the older healers in their town, learn what they do to prevent and cure illness, like eating papaya seeds and leaves to prevent and cure dengue. I hope that a foreign healer showing interest in their native cures may inspire them to re-value their own native healing traditions.

-Linda Rhines