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NCH Welcomes Dr. Douglas Falkner to the Board of Directors

March 19, 2014

Get to know NCH’s newest member of the Board of Directors, Dr. Douglas Falkner, in his own words:

“My first encounter with the NCH was through its 2-week summer school program more than 20 years ago, which the NCH used to offer for students of homeopathy.  The enthusiastic and friendly faculty and administrators hooked me on homeopathy and the NCH.  Some of the mentors and colleagues that I met that summer have been pivotal in my career development.  I continued my studies over the years with several acclaimed international teachers, and continued to follow the growth and development of the NCH.  Always the most prominent voice for homeopathy in the US, I found that the NCH serves a vital role in unifying the homeopathic community and educating the general public.

Now, as a longtime Emergency Medicine and Homeopathic Physician, I have a deep love and appreciation for the homeopathic healing art.  With my extensive training in both conventional western medicine and homeopathy, I am able to combine my knowledge of modern medical science with my ever-growing understanding of the homeopathic healing art.   

About 10 years ago, I founded The Falkner School for Homeopathy, where I serve as its chief instructor for its practitioner training program, “Homeopathy Through Simplicity: The Objective Observer Course,” a three year adventure, as well as providing advanced master-level clinical seminars, all live, online.  As a teacher who trains professional homeopaths, I have a vested interest in supporting our larger homeopathic community of medical doctors, homeopathic professionals, and lay practitioners in having a strong and unified voice, so that we continue to gain the recognition and the legitimacy we deserve, both legally and in the public eye.

By serving on the NCH Board of Directors, our nation’s torch-bearer for homeopathy, I will be giving back to our homeopathic community, and helping us to achieve our short and long term goals as a national organization. My ever growing love for the practice, art and science of homeopathy and the promulgation of its principles, along with establishing homeopathy’s rightful place as a major and effective medical system, makes joining the NCH directorship an exciting opportunity. 

My goal as a member of the Board of Directors is to serve to strengthen and expand the NCH’s reach into gaining more awareness, acceptance, and recognition by all echelons, including the conventional medical establishment, state legislators, and general public and scientific communities.  Building on all that has come before, my hope is that homeopathy will grow and thrive more than ever in the US.

Besides raising a family and enjoying the out-of-doors of Southern Oregon, I maintain a busy homeopathy practice, offering both in-person and long distance phone consultations world-wide, and teach online, using an interactive and dynamic web-based platform.  For more information about my clinical services or training programs you may contact me at: or learn more at