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NJ Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network Embraces Homeopathy

September 13, 2012

“Being a mom is tough enough - juggling laundry, school lunches and after-school activities - but moms who parent holistically believe they should take their duties one step further.

“Holistic moms in northern New Jersey embrace an alternative parenting style that values nurturing, respecting nature and limiting consumerism. For some, this means allowing children to sleep in bed with them, making their own baby food, or sending children to a non-traditional school.

“Making the decision to parent outside of the mainstream is not always easy and parents who do so can receive pushback from family and friends, said Nancy Massotto, who in 2002 founded the Holistic Moms Network in Essex County and now serves as the Executive Director of the national non-profit.

"’When I became a mom I was on the holistic path, even though I wasn't raised in a holistic lifestyle. I was on a quest to find something else,’ Massotto said. Read more.