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Seeking Webinar Speakers for 2015!!

October 23, 2014
We are currently seeking webinar speakers for our 2015 calendar. Webinars are held once a month, at 8pm ET, and run one hour. Based on feedback we received from our recent community survey, we’re now looking for webinar speakers for the following topics:
  • colic
  • preparing for back to school/remedies to have on hand
  • remedies for aging/the elderly
  • preparing for/recovering from surgery (planned or unplanned surgeries)
  • when to treat at home and when to make the decision to see a professional
  • allergies
So, if any of these topics sound interesting to you, or if you enjoy teaching people about how to use homeopathy at home, consider being a webinar speaker for 2015. No previous webinar experience required – NCH staff will get you set up and ready to go. Please email Alison Teitelbaum at if you’re interested or want additional information.