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Sample Homeopathic Case Quizzes

A lovely woman finally found a decent, kind man to share her life with after 10 years alone. She had had no physical relationships in all that time since her husband died when she was just 50, and with this new relationship she had just started to enjoy herself that way (sexually) again. But right away it became painful to urinate, and she got urging and frequency of urination. She then remembered that she used to get cystitis like this back when she first got married. What remedy would you think of first? 
Answer: Staphysagria
You have been exposed to colleagues at work who are coughing while in various stages of a flu outbreak. Within a few days you start coughing. It is dry, nonproductive, deep and hacking, worse in cold air, and talking. Coughing produces a very raw sore feeling in the chest, which is relieved by drinking sips of cold water. Coughing can be incessant in trying to bring up mucous from the chest but exportation is rare with any bits that come up only make it as far as being swallowed. On one occasion the coughing was so intense that a small amount of urine involuntarily escaped. What remedy would you think of first?
Answer: Causticum
You go to the dentist to have an old amalgam filling removed and replaced with a white composite one. As you are leaving the dentist's office you feel feverish and your throat begins to feel very sore on the right hand side. You notice you are salivating much more than usual so you have to swallow more - and it really hurts when you do! By the time you get home you are freezing cold and you decide to go to bed with extra covers piled on top of you, but within a few minutes you are boiling hot and throw all the covers off, only to find five minutes later that you are freezing cold again. When your husband comes home he comments, as politely as he can, that your breath is really smelly. You check your tonsils in the bathroom mirror and notice the right one has yellow pustules forming on it. What remedy would you think of first? 
Answer: Mercurius viv