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Nominating Committee Job Description

Committee Objective: Select a slate of candidates for the annual NCH election and to oversee the electoral process.  
Skills, Attributes, and Prerequisites
  • Commitment to the vision, mission, and goals of NCH
  • Ability to work in a small group as a team member
  • Demonstrated problem solving and ethical decision making experience
  • Ability to work with diverse styles and personalities and facilitate teamwork and consensus
  • Member in good standing of NCH
Primary Roles and Responsibilities
  • Members of the Committee may not seek election to the Board of Directors while they are serving on the Nominating Committee
  • Solicit recommendations from NCH members for candidates to serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Review all recommendations and prepare a slate of candidates for approval by the Board of Directors
  • Insofar as possible, endeavor to have a balanced slate of candidates reflecting geography, gender, professional experience, and racial diversity in order to achieve a balanced Board of Directors reflective of the membership and community.
Time Commitment
  • Preparation for and participation in regular conference calls during the nomination and election process (the last quarter of the calendar year)
  • Allocation of time to conduct phone interviews with nominees
Term Limits
  • Chairman (a member of the NCH Board) serves a one-year term
  • Committee members may serve up to five consecutive one-year terms
Relationship with Other NCH Committees
  • Committee reports directly to the NCH Board of Directors