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Experience the 2019 Joint American Homeopathic Conference in three (3) installments produced by Kelly Callahan.


The National Center for Homeopathy collaborates to host the Joint American Homeopathic Conference every year. It's THE event for practitioners, students, dabblers, teachers, vendors and wanna-be's in the North-American homeopathic world. Join me as I talk to attendees, presenters, committee members and anyone else who I could corner in Baltimore, Maryland. It was an inspiring, fun-filled weekend that reinforces our community on every level. 
The Joint American Homeopathy Conference is a huge endeavor, and is the splashiest thing the the National Center for Homeopathy does. Inbewteen conferences, the volunteers and staff and NCH are working to elevate and promote homeopathy on the national stage. I spoke with past president Abby Beal and incoming president Tina Quirk about how the National Center for Homeopathy is like the mother organization, supporting us all.