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Precision in Prescribing

Precision in Prescribing
Speaker: Frans Vermeulen and Linda Johnston, MD, DHt, MFHom

Date: Saturday, April 9, 2016
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

 Credits: TBD

Session Description:

As homeopaths, we are always seeking to increase our prescribing skills, to become more precise and effective. To that end, we are presenting this seminar about how to utilize our materia medica to better advantage, being able to translate the language of the patient into the language of our written sources, which in turn rely on the language of the remedy source. These skills are especially important with the modern methods of understanding remedies in kingdoms and family groupings.             

Cases and materia medica from one specific plant family will be presented, analyzed and discussed, supplemented with information from our materia medica as well as many other sources, including botany, phytochemistry and therapeutic uses. This comprehensive survey of both the patient and the prescribed remedy will serve as a model or template to enhance one’s ability to explore this perspective thereby understanding other patients and other groupings or families.


About the Speaker:

Frans Vermeulen is recognized throughout the homeopathic world as an author, lecturer and authority on materia medica. Each of the many books he has authored makes a contribution of major significance to our understanding of substances and materia medica, including Synoptic Materia Medica I and II, Concordant, Prisma, Kingdom Fungi and Kingdom Monera. His lectures are inspiring and appreciated for their liveliness, depth of knowledge and breadth of factual information. Now, after seven years in the making, Frans has finished his book on Kingdom Plants. Co-authored by his wife, Dr. Linda Johnston, the book discusses over 2,000 plant remedies in 149 families following the latest classification system, APG III. Family themes are elucidated based on botanical classifications, phytochemistry, botany, traditional uses, folklore, history and many other sources, further supported by homeopathic information from provings, cases and other materia medica sources. He has recently updated his basic books producing Concordant Reference and Synoptic Reference I and II and Prisma.

Linda Johnston, MD, has been an active member of the homeopathic community worldwide since the inception of her homeopathic practice in 1986. Linda’s main focus has always been her clinical practice of homeopathy, which she continues to this day. Linda’s recently published a book on the treatment of children using the new techniques in homeopathy, The Child’s World. Additionally, she has co-authored, with her husband, Frans Vermeulen, Plants, a comprehensive, 4 volume work on plants and plant families entitled Plants.