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Public Policy Committee

The goal for the Public Policy Committee is to closely monitor Congressional and regulatory activity on homeopathy-related issues to analyze their impact and take action as needed to ensure that homeopathy as a healthcare option is accessible to all. Some responsibilities include but are not limited to

  • Advocate for continued access to and use of homeopathic products and services
  • Participate in the national healthcare dialogue creating an understanding that homeopathy is a safe, effective, affordable healthcare solution
  • Monitor and analyze federal budget recommendations related to healthcare
  • Monitor national healthcare legislation 
  • Prepare responses to congressional offices and regulatory agencies stating NCH's position on proposed or pending legislation and/or regulations 
  • Identify needs for education and training on the federal legislative and regulatory processes
  • Alert members to legislative and regulatory issues of concern and suggested action 
  • Coordinate with other homeopathic and integrative health organizations to bring a unified voice to national healthcare policy regarding integrative health

Committee Roster

Tina Quirk, Chair
Zelda Johnson, Committee Member
Glenna Tinney, Committee Member
Loretta Butehorn, Committee Member
Christina Donka, Committee Member
Deb Dupnik, Staff Liaison 

To volunteer for the Public Policy Committee, please submit a Volunteer Application