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Publications Committee

The goal for the Publications Committee is to ensure that all printed or electronic materials sent out by NCH are of the highest standard, including correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistent format. Some responsibilities include but are not limited to

  • Review monthly e-newsletter
  • Review Homeopathy Today magazine
  • Review annual meeting program
  • Provide a board committee liaison to the editor of Homeopathy Today
  • Coordinate with NCH Staff and NCH committees to ensure consistency in all printed and electronic releases representing NCH
  • Review and liaise with task-related committees on all published materials to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all NCH documents

The Publications Committee provides printed and electronic content such as

  • The Homeopathic Report, NCH's monthly e-newsletter
  • Homeopathy Today, NCH's quarterly magazine

Committee Roster

Glenna Tinney, Chair
Edward Conway, Committee Member
Loretta Butehorn, Committee Member
Deb Dupnik, Staff Liaison

To volunteer for the Publications Committee, please submit a Volunteer Application