Research on Homeopathy

A great deal of homeopathic research has been completed to date and research in the field of homeopathy has continued to grow over the past decade.

Many of the world’s finest scientific minds have contributed to this research and continue to do so today. NCH maintains an extensive online library and bibliography of homeopathic research articles, as well as research articles from related fields, and, as new studies are completed, they are added to this collection.

1.) Quotable Research Library

2.) Research Articles.

3.) Homeopathy Research FAQs.

For a most up-to-date and comprehensive list of research, visit;

  1. Homeopathic Research Institute’s CORE-HOM research database
  2. American Institute of Homeopathy: The Voice of the Homeopathic Medical Profession since 1844
  3. Americans for Homeopathic Choice:
  4. You can also review our Homeopathic Research FAQs
  5. Add link to NCH Quotable Homeopathic Research

NCH Quotable Homeopathic Research

For those of us interested in letting our family and friends know that there is research in homeopathy. Quotable Homeopathic Research are small data bites of recent research of interest to the consumer.

Homeopathic Research Resources

For a more comprehensive look at homeopathic research, the latest published studies, or a deeper exploration of homeopathic research practices, check out the following resources:

  • Research Article Bibliography: A list of over 800 research articles on homeopathy and related topics, organized two ways for your convenience. If you see something we’re missing, let us know!
  • Webinars: These NCH produced webinars review a variety of relevant homeopathic research topics currently being investigated by internationally renowned researchers.
  • Books: Deepen your understanding of homeopathic research with one or more of these books.


  • New Directions in Homeopathy Research (Claudia Witt)

An overview of the research in homeopathy from a symposium held to define the state of the art. The authors, conference participants, and experienced researchers from various disciplines involved hope to improve the quality of research by identifying problems in and making recommendations for further research.

  • The Trials of Homeopathy:Origins, Structure, and Development (Michael Emmons Dean)

This is a readable history of development of therapeutics and growth research in homeopathy beginning with the first observational trials in 1821 through 1953. It also reviews the design and methodology of homeopathy trials, including the early use of placebo and the shift to biomedical research perspective.