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Pharmacies & Manufacturers of Homeopathic Products, Books & Software

Below is a list of select companies that support the National Center for Homeopathy through Organizational Membership and specialize in providing homeopathic products.

Boiron, world leader in homeopathic medicines, distributes pharmaceutical grade products in more than 50 countries. Boiron maintains the highest standards in manufacturing, complying with the FDA, HPUS, and drug GMP. LEARN MORE.

Castle Remedies, founded in 1983, is Michigan’s only Homeopathic Pharmacy open to the public and carries over one thousand remedies in potencies as low as 3x and as high as CM, as well as homeopathically prepared gels and ointments. LEARN MORE.

Since 1985, Hahnemann Laboratories has produced high strength, high quality, and custom made homeopathic remedies in C and LM potencies in the classical tradition. Please find our remedies, kits and story on our website. LEARN MORE.

Hyland’s is the proud manufacturer of top-selling, over-the-counter homeopathic medicines. Hyland’s medicines provide your entire family, from infants to seniors, natural relief of common ailments. LEARN MORE.

OHM PHARMA manufactures a superior line of homeopathic single remedies. Our mission is to work hand in hand with professional homeopaths to expand the practice of homeopathy. Our goal is to make homeopathy an essential therapeutic foundation of integrative medicine. LEARN MORE.

At OLLOÏS we believe that everything is connected. With Homeopathy, our mind, body, spirit are one – one system which needs a little help sometimes to get to that perfect balance and to feel as its best. LEARN MORE.

Zeus Soft’s RadarOpus brings you 38 years of homeopathic excellence! State of the art software technology, highest security & data protection, information sharing, cloud technology, mobile apps, Synthesis Repertory, patient management system, V.E.S., Polarity Analysis and much more! LEARN MORE.

Synergy Homeopathic is an innovative, international company comprised of a core group of renowned homeopaths who are passionate about the discipline of homeopathy and the community it serves. We are dedicated to empowering practitioners, teachers and students alike through the development of reliable, comprehensive homeopathic software and teaching tools. LEARN MORE.

SHAPE ReClaimed is a safe, effective and practitioner-guided health transformation program that combines whole food nutrition with a homeopathic formula, the
SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement. We work with like-minded practitioners who will customize the program to
their patients’ unique metabolic needs in order to get optimal, lasting and restorative results. LEARN MORE.

In the legal world, a good researcher is worth his or her weight in gold. At Vital Medicine Marketers, we research every project as if it was a legal brief and promote your accomplishments, market your services, and advocate for vital medicine modalities as bona fide fields of modern medicine. LEARN MORE.

Vanda France provides all the materials and consumables necessary for the manufacturing of homeopathy. From Hahnemannian or Korsakovian dilution
to tubing, Vanda France offers you a global solution. LEARN MORE.

Established in 1873, Washington Homeopathic Products (WHP) is the oldest full-line homeopathic manufacturer in the United States. WHP is a family run company that manufactures by solar power a great variety of combinations, single remedies in glass bottles, ointments, tinctures, dilutions, and kits as well as carrying a selection of homeopathic books. LEARN MORE.



  • Apotheca, Inc. (Energique)
  • Cearna
  • Childlife Essentials
  • Energetix Corporation
  • Forces of Nature
  • Hevert Pharmaceuticals
  • Historical Remedies
  • HVS Laboratories
  • Matrixx Initiatives
  • MediNatura
  • Natural Ophthalmics
  • Natural Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Nature’s Way / Schwabe North America
  • Nelsons
  • Prophase Labs, Inc.
  • Similasan
  • Tec Laboratories, Inc
  • Uriel Pharmacy
  • Walker Laboratories, Inc. (1-800 Homeopathy)
  • Weleda, Inc.


  • HomeopathicHousecall
  • Hompath Zomeo


  • Homeopathic Educational Services 
  • Minimum Price Homeopathic Books powered by Nature Reveals
  • Van Hoy Publishers
  • RuLabinsky Enterprises, Inc. / RL Ranch Press