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September 2018 NCH Member Spotlight: Cash Leo

1.)  How did you discover homeopathy and what made you want to become a practitioner?

I first discovered homeopathy about ten years ago when a friend handed me a vial of Belladonna for an acute condition. Two years later I was expecting my firstborn, and sought out a homeopathic pediatrician in Los Angeles - Lauren Feder, MD – author of Natural Baby and ChildcareThe Parents' Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations and also Natural Pregnancy. She encouraged my interest in homeopathy, and I devoured her books and memorized the small Materia Medica in her books within a couple days. A few months later, my infant daughter had an acute condition. I took her to Dr. Feder and said: “I think she needs Allium Cepa (am I saying that right?) – What do you think?” She smiled at me and said, “Yes she does!” I gave my child Allium cepa, and she was completely well the very next day. It was then that I truly fell in love with the healing power of homeopathy and began to study whatever homeopathic literature I could get my hands on. Two years later I moved to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas and was devastated to find that there was not another homeopathic practitioner within 400 miles of my new home unless I crossed the Mexican border. So, I began my formal education in classical homeopathy with George Vithoulkas through the International Academy of Homeopathy’s distance learning program, and also began to travel to Alonissos, Greece for the IACH summer seminars each year.

2.) How has homeopathy changed your life and what involvement do you have in the community?

Homeopathy has completely changed my life in so many ways.  First, I feel as this is what I was always meant to do. I had always planned to practice medicine, but I wasn’t sure what modality or in what capacity.  My life today is completely and thoroughly immersed in classical homeopathy. I now have a practice in McAllen (The Remedy) where I hold seminars to educate the public about this wonderful healing art, and of course, also treat those seeking treatment both locally and internationally via Skype or similar.

In 2016, I joined the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy as academic faculty and administrator for the North American Practitioner Program.  I am passionate about the work I do with this program because it enables me to guide students who wish to study classical homeopathy so that classical homeopathy continues to thrive in North America.  I also teach Homeopathic History for the practitioner program, Ethics, Introduction to US Health Care Law, and help with case supervision when students begin their clinical requirements. It’s so exciting to see students grow and flourish as their knowledge grows and to witness the difference they begin to make in their own communities as they learn to treat successfully with classical homeopathy.

 In 2017, Professor George Vithoulkas asked me to revise one of my favorite homeopathic books: Levels of Health.  This was a very rewarding experience and work assignment as I learned more than I could have imagined on such a deep level, and I also have the very great satisfaction that others will learn from this publication as it will continue to serve the homeopathic community for many years to come.  I am eternally grateful to Professor Vithoulkas for providing me with this invaluable learning opportunity.

Being involved in the perpetuation of classical homeopathy in North America and contributing to scientific homeopathic research is extremely important to me. I aspire to teach classical homeopathy at traditional medical school in the not-so-distant future as the concept of integrative medicine populates and research in our field advances.

3.) As a member of NCH, why is it important to you to be a member? If someone was contemplating on membership what would you say encourage them to join?

As it’s very name suggests, NCH is the “center” of the homeopathic community for North America.  Membership is important to me because it connects me with my community, but it also helps to guide those that do not know about homeopathy to my homeopathic colleagues and myself so we can educate the public, and also “ restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed”.  Additionally, NCH helps our homeopathic community connect to other important homeopathic organizations in our community such as NASH, the CHC, and ACHENA. NCH provides the public and community with endless homeopathic resources in terms of education, research and much more.  I would encourage anyone contemplating NCH membership to join, as this is a resource that is imperative for anyone connected to homeopathy in any capacity.

4.)  NCH is helping the International Academy for Classical Homeopathy host a webinar in November, would you like to give us some insight on that?

Absolutely! We thought it would be very interesting and a wonderful educational experience to host a one-hour question-and-answer session webinar with Professor George Vithoulkas.  During this hour he will answer questions from both new students and advanced practitioners alike. Those who sign up for this exciting webinar will be prompted to submit their question for Professor Vithoulkas to answer.  I am looking forward to seeing what the inquiring minds of North American homeopaths want to know.