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Sharlene Goldfischer's Story

Twenty-three years ago I became a mom, giving birth after a (thankfully) easy pregnancy to a healthy son. My husband and I joyously anticipated a sibling for our son, but each of the two pregnancies that followed within the next two years ended abruptly at nineteen weeks. 

Along with the grief associated with these losses, I experienced non-stop urinary tract infections. I was put on repeated courses of antibiotics, which were not effective, and that led to unpleasant side effects (such as yeast infections), which made me feel even more miserable. 

Then someone (I cannot remember who) suggested that vitamin C would be helpful.  I found the nearest health food store, purchased the vitamin C and found myself telling my story to a complete stranger in the store. Another customer came up to me, after politely eavesdropping, and flat out told me that homeopathy would help me by restoring balance.  I promptly responded to this by asking, “HoEric & Amy Goldfischerw do you spell that?”

That was the B.I. era (Before Internet).  I was desperate and willing to try just about anything, so I gathered information about homeopathy from the health food store, made some telephone calls and, shortly thereafter, ended up in the office of a homeopath who had been practicing for forty years.  After two doses of Natrum Muriaticum I was as good as new - actually better than new - feeling balanced, in control, optimistic about the future of my family, and completely cured of both the urinary tract and yeast infections.  I was totally amazed, totally “sold”, and totally grateful!  Homeopathy became my new best friend.

My homeopathic care continued in the hands of this seasoned practitioner and soon my entire family became patients, including my dog. Within a month of treatment, my husband (and human best friend’s) lifelong respiratory allergies and asthma miraculously disappeared. And two years later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, with homeopathy standing as a loyal friend at my side. My children are now twenty-three and seventeen and my dog, my four-legged best friend, is now fourteen.  And homeopathy has continued to be a dear friend of our family for the past 20 years.

I have one more friend that I’ve taken this homeopathic journey with - National Center for Homeopathy.  I support NCH for many reasons – personal and local, as well as societal and global. It is because of the tremendous hard work of NCH that fewer and fewer people have to ask, as I first did, “How do you spell that?” when the word homeopathy is mentioned. It is because of NCH and its unceasing educational efforts that more and more people are turning to homeopathy as a first choice for healthcare for themselves and their families. Homeopathy is the second largest and fastest growing system of medicine in the world* and NCH is working every day to ensure that it is accessible and visible.  I want to support my good friend, homeopathy, as it has supported me - helping to catalyze it to its rightful, fully available place in our nation’s healthcare system, and I feel that one of the best ways to do that is by supporting NCH.  

Our national healthcare system needs a steadfast and trustworthy friend who can acknowledge the good and the not-so-good and provide insight and support through the challenging transition from a disease-oriented, costly system to a preventative and health-promoting system that is available to everyone and sustainable at all levels.  NCH is acting as that “good friend” through all of its efforts—its advocacy work as a Partner for Health with the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium, its partnerships with organizations that will spread the word about homeopathy, and its numerous strategic and educational programming initiatives.

Plus, this year is NCH’s 40th Anniversary. So I challenge everyone in the NCH community to give a gift to NCH in multiples of $40 ($80, $160, $240, 400, $440, $800, $4,000 etc.) in honor of its 40th birthday. I mean, doesn’t it feel great when you give your friends birthday gifts to help them celebrate?

I want to share my good friend, homeopathy, with the world, so we can all live our lives to the fullest, with optimal health and wellbeing.  I hope you do as well.  Your generous support of NCH allows that to happen.

“Hey, ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend?”

-Sharlene Goldfischer, NCH Member

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