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A Solution for the Wikipedia-Problem: FreeWiki

Everyone who has tried to find information about a homeopathic subject or any other form of alternative meidicine in Wikipedia, will know that Wikipedia has become an instrument not to spread knowledge but to manipulate public opinion. Everyone who has tried to correct wrong statements or mobbing against homeopathy in a Wikipedia article will hae found themselves blocked as a user and the correction reversed within a few minutes. So there is no possibility to change the situation as Wikipedia is in the hands of well-organized groups of fanatic materialists who block all users with different philosophy. 

FreeWiki is a necessary alternative to the distorted articles in Wikipedia and is meant to draw public attention to this problem. It is also a chance for us to collect solid homeopathic informatin in one place where it is easily accessible for everyone. 

You are invited to participate in this project and introduce your fields of knowledge in the form of encyclopedic articles. Any kind of proposals, ideas, criticism, and additions are very welcome. 

Interested? Register in FreeWiki and write to Joerg Wichmann,

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