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Study Groups

Over twenty years ago, NCH developed a study group program as a way for people interested in homeopathy to get together and continue their learning in a group environment.

Over time, these groups became increasingly self sufficient and established a network amongst themselves. Now they often exchange newsletters and connect with each other at events. It is through this networking that the number of study groups has grown and their programs have flourished. Because of this success, NCH is no longer needed to assist in the management of the groups; however we do continue to offer some ongoing support. 

Study groups offer an in-person, peer-to-peer learning experience for participants. Study group participants often report learning faster through their group than by themselves, and learn a great deal about self-care from others in their group. 

Each study group develops its own group structure and programs to meet the needs of its members. Some are perfect for people brand new to homeopathy. Some are geared towards more advanced students or practitioners. Each is facilitated by a study group leader. 

If you’re interested in finding a study group in your area, use the search function below. To get more information about an existing group, please contact the person listed as that group’s group leader.

If you would like to lead a study group in your area, NCH can provide you with the information and materials needed to get started. Simply email with your request for information.

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