Study Groups

NCH-Affiliated Study Group Program

Thank you for your interest in the NCH Study Group program! The program is currently paused, and no new Study Group applications are being accepted at this time. During this break, NCH is refining the program, and there are plans to republish the comprehensive step-by-step start-up packet. This packet guides groups through initial planning, NCH application, and first meeting processes.

Please watch for updates and a launch date in an upcoming monthly NCH e-newsletter. In the meantime, if you are not already an NCH member, we invite you to join today!

A Head Start

If you have an interest in forming a study group, move forward with your plans now to be ready to apply for NCH affiliation when the application process opens. To begin, choose a group structure, determine a meeting schedule, and appoint leadership. Next, focus on how to market the study group to your community. Also, brainstorm about the group’s future grass-roots homeopathy and NCH awareness efforts.

Group leaders can prepare in advance for the NCH affiliation application process by keeping their NCH membership in current status (paid and in good standing). Also, groups applying for NCH affiliation should have at least five current NCH members, including the leader, on the study group roster.