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Studying Homeopathy

If you are interested in continuing or expanding your homeopathic education, there are many options to do so. From taking classes online to attending an educational institution full time, there is an option that will fit your lifestyle.

Choosing a School of Homeopathy

There are a variety of independent, post-graduate training programs that offer professional education in homeopathy. Courses range from one weekend in length to several years. Courses may be taught online, in a traditional classroom setting, and/or through preceptorships with experienced homeopaths.

Because there are many homeopathic schools and programs of study to choose from, students should choose a training program that fits both their preferred style of learning and has a faculty with whom they are comfortable. Shopping around and comparing programs is highly encouraged. We recommend contacting each school that you are considering, having them send you a packet of information about their program, and communicating directly with their admissions staff about the program and its requirements. After gathering information about each school, you can then begin to narrow your choices based on your needs and wants. 

A selection of schools that focus on providing training in homeopathic medicine are included in our Professional and Organizational Directory. This is not a complete directory of all homeopathic schools in the country as the schools listed in this directory have paid to be listed on our site.  NCH does not evaluate any available educational programs in homeopathy; therefore we do not endorse any particular schools or programs or recommend one over another.

The Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA) was founded as an independent agency to assess homeopathic training programs in the United States and Canada. ACHENA is comprised of professional homeopathic practitioners, educators, representatives from accredited schools, representatives from national organizations supporting homeopathy and public members. You can learn more about ACHENA and their accredited schools here.

In addition to programs that focus solely on homeopathic medicine, training at one of the seven Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) includes education in homeopathy - along with training in the other disciplines that fall under the umbrella of naturopathy. A list of US states and Canadian provinces that offer licensure to naturopathic physicians (NDs) can be found on the AANMC website. Naturopathic doctors that specialize in homeopathy are encouraged to register with the Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Certification in Homeopathy

A certification in homeopathy indicates your proficiency in homeopathy to patients and other practitioners using a known standard. Please note that the certification is not a license to practice homeopathy. Licenses can only be granted by states. 

The following organizations offer a certification in homeopathy in North America: