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Treating Chronic Disease with Polarity Analysis

Treating Chronic Disease with Polarity Analysis
Speaker: Lauren Hubele, MEd

Date: Sunday, April 10, 2016
Time: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

 Credits: TBD
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Session Description:

Polarity Analysis is a methodology for precise remedy selection based on Boenninghausen’s polar symptoms and grading of symptoms. The current practice of Polarity Analysis was developed during the 5 year double blind study of Dr. Heiner Frei regarding the efficacy of homeopathic treatment on children with ADHD. The use of PA has transformed the practice of countless practitioners across Europe and is

now the accepted methodology taught in medical school throughout all German universities. Those practicing Polarity Analysis experience a success rate of 80-90% when choosing a first remedy. It is a reliable, repeatable, research based methodology for those who wish to improve the accuracy of their remedy selection.

This presentation will guide participants in the application of Polarity Analysis to single chronic conditions using the intake checklists developed by Dr. Frei and the Boenninghausen Therapuetic Pocketbook Software using case studies. Through the extensive work by Dr. Frei ,and his research groups, the most accurate symptoms for a homeopathic selection have been clearly identified and misleading symptom have been eliminated. This use of the checklist of refined symptoms shortens and defines the intake process as well as offers the most accurate remedy selection.


About the Speaker:

Lauren Hubele first heard the work of Dr. Heiner Frei at the 2012 Mental Health Congress, Bad Krozingen Germany. Searching at the time for a methodology that would improve her growing practice and increase success rates, Polarity Analysis was attractive. Following the conference she implemented his methodology and immediately saw improvement in successful remedy selection, particularly in acute cases. Communicating with Dr. Frei for support they eventually made plans for her to visit his practice in Laupen, Switzerland for some firsthand clinical training.

Since that time Lauren’s practice has grown to include international clients and her PA case taking skills have been well honed. Lauren began her homeopathic training with her personal homeopath physician in Heidelberg Germany following years of successful recovery from Melanoma cancer. She has since trained with David Little, Drs. Banerjee, and Drs. Joshi and been mentored the past three years by Dr. Heiner Frei of Switzerland.

Lauren’s private practice is in Austin Texas where she integrates Gemmotherapy with homeopathic treatment using Polarity Analysis. She primarily treats women of all ages for fertility related issues and children with a variety of chronic symptoms. Lauren currently serves on the NCH Board of Directors.