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Updated NCH Statement on the COVID-19

In this rapidly evolving situation, the worldwide homeopathy community is working diligently to compile information about successful homeopathic treatment on a wide enough basis to have confidence in the effectiveness. Right now, it is too early to know for certain which homeopathic medicines would be the “genus epidemicus”, that is, the medicines that might be protective. However, homeopaths report that many people around the world are finding homeopathy treatment beneficial during this time of sickness.

NCH has teamed up with the North American Society of Homeopaths, the American Institute of Homeopathy and Americans for Homeopathy Choice to bring the latest accurate information to you.
Homeopathy’s Enviable Record
Homeopathy has an enviable record of reducing mortality dramatically where it has been used in past epidemics. As early as 1801, Hahnemann identified the medicine for an epidemic of Scarlatina, and it was used successfully to both treat and prevent the disease.  In the US, public health records from the Influenza epidemic of 1918 show greatly reduced mortality for those treated with homeopathy versus conventional treatment.  This record is true for other historical US and world-wide epidemics, yellow fever, cholera, typhus, and diphtheria, all the way to more recent epidemics of chickungunya, typhus, pneumonia, and dengue.

The current epidemic presents an opportunity for homeopathy to show that it can have a leading role in reducing suffering when there are few other options available for treatment of the sick.

The Best Course For Now
First, follow the guidelines of health officials for avoiding an infection. If you become ill, you may consult with your homeopathic practitioner about appropriate treatment for you. This is not a situation for “self-care” but needs the knowledge and experience of a homeopathic practitioner. If you are seriously ill, you must seek conventional medical treatment as well. 
For now, your homeopathic practitioner will treat you as he or she always has—by evaluating your full range of symptoms and individualizing your treatment.  This can work well to put you back on the road to health.
When Will We Know More?
Homeopaths who are experts in addressing epidemics are currently gathering information from homeopathic practitioners worldwide. These experts are creating a database and analyzing treatment information. There are different stages in this illness and no one homeopathic medicine is right for all people in all stages.  It may also be that different homeopathic medicines will be effective in certain regions and not in others. 

Take Action: Spread the Right Information!
Share information about homeopathy, but please be sure it is accurate and from reliable resources. It is not helpful to individuals to be taking homeopathic medicines preventatively if they are not actually tested beforehand.  As practitioners are beginning to treat in the US, they are getting to know the useful homeopathic medicines. Even then, there is no one homeopathic medicine for everyone.

The best suggestion is to communicate and work closely with your homeopathic practitioners, who are staying up-to-date on the information coming from the homeopathy epidemic experts. 

NCH website: Find a Homeopathy Directory


NCH WEBINAR     Dr. André Saine    The Challenge Of Coronavirus 2020       Friday, March 27th at 12:00pm ET

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Jeremy Sherr Genus Epidemicus and Webinars!free-webinar-jeremy-sherrs-second-update-on-the-coronavirus-genus-epidemicus/YM3Bl/?_t=jeremy 

Over the past two months, Jeremy and his international team have compiled and analyzed over 100 cases of this pandemic and using classical homeopathy have begun to identify the best homeopathic medicines for treating the illness.  In weekly webinar updates Jeremy shares the evolving picture of the epidemic and the appropriate homeopathic medicines.  They are continuing to compile cases world-wide and ask practitioners to send in completed cases with followups to

American Institute of Homeopathy Genus Epidemicus Database

The AIH has created a secure database for compiling cases. To participate email and they will send information to access the database. They will provide weekly updates on the data and homeopathic medicines and will share information with international colleagues.


Webinar for All: Best Practices in Extraordinary Circumstances Wed., March 25th 7PM EST/4PM PST

Anna Vakil CCH joins Karen Allen CCH
Date: March 25, 2020 at 7:28:28 PM PDT

Most homeopaths practicing today have no experience with epidemics.  In this webinar, best practices for working in extraordinary circumstances, such as an epidemic, are detailed for homeopaths, including a draft CHC Code of Ethics appendix with clear guidelines. This session which will focus solely on medicolegal responsibilities, appropriate communications, client interactions and practitioner self care. (No discussion of homeopathic remedies related to the current epidemic will be covered) This ACHENA CPD accredited training is free to all homeopaths in our community and can be streamed here: