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Vegetarian Today magazine


We regret that Vegetarian Today magazine is no longer available through the National Center for Homeopathy.


Here at NCH we are pleased to have been able to offer our community a discounted subscription to Vegetarian Today (formerly Vegetarian Times) magazine for the past 10+ years, but unfortunately the publication is being discontinued.

When will Vegetarian Today be disconinued?

  • The final edition of Vegetarian Today will be the May/June 2017 issue.

What happens to my current subscription after the May/June 2017 issue?

  • Those with current subscriptions will be compensated for the remainder of their subscription with a full access pass to the Vegetarian Times/Vegetarian Today back issue digital library. This library is currently being sold on theVegetarian Times/Vegetarian Today website for $59.00. Subscribers will be notified after receiving their last issue that is to be mailed mid-May via a postcard, likely in early June. The postcard will provide instructions on how to get access the complete back issue library.