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Seven Essential Remedies for Kids

This webinar was presented as a part of the Homeopathy Academy for Moms Webinar series. View other webinars from this series here.

In this webinar we will learn about some of the most frequently used remedies for children and how to recognize when to use them. Once you are familiar with this handful of remedies you’ll be prepared to start using homeopathy for a wide variety of acute conditions that children may develop including injuries, fevers, colic, teething, croup and more. We will also review criteria for assessing the need for immediate medical care and how to safely include homeopathy as part of your family’s wellness plan. 

About the presenter: Linda Baker, MD, CCH is a board certified pediatrician who, after many years of practicing allopathic medicine was actively looking for a safer, more effective and holistic way of practicing medicine when she attended the NCH summer school in 2000. She immediately saw the value of homeopathy and has since graduated from Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, obtained CCH certification and founded Wellspring Homeopathic Care in 2004. Particular areas of interest are in Pediatrics, Women’s Health, and in the role of homeopathy in the prevention and treatment of cancer.


Additional Information from the Speaker: Q&A from Webinar

Webinar Author:
Linda J Baker, CCH, MD, FAAP
Webinar Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 2016